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The new Bintangs album: These Hands!

More than 60 years of popmusic in The Netherlands and the Bintangs are almost as long a part of that. Founded in 1961 and still alive and kicking. That makes them the longest existant-, still performing-, CD, DVD and book publishing rockband in Holland and, most likely, also in the rest of the world. Bintangs were added to the Dutch Blues Hall of Fame in 2019. In 2021 and 2022 the Bintangs celebrate their 60th anniversary with a new album and a new tour.

Bintangs consist of original-Bintang and co-founder Frank Kraaijeveld (bass and vocals), Dagomar Jansen (guitars, vocals and mouth harp), Marco Nicola (guitars and vocals) and Burt van der Meij (drums).

Bintangs: 60 Years of Rhyth & Blues

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