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Passing Strangers


* From Misplaced To Clutching *
– An Homage To Late Marillion Fish Era –

Conceived and realised by 5 established professional musicians, who have been active for years with other parallel projects in the Italian live and studio circuits, PASSING STRANGERS momentarily sets aside their international pop/rock repertoire and pays homage, with the live show called “From Misplaced To Clutching”, to the famous British band MARILLION, with precise reference to the artistic period 1985 – 1987, characterised by the vocal and stage presence of FISH and culminating with the worldwide recording success of the last 2 studio albums Misplaced
Childhood, Clutching at Straws and the official live show The Thieving Magpie.
A journey through time that, intercepting the rediscovery of the Progressive Rock genre by the new generations, allows one to listen again, with absolute involvement, to those that are considered authentic and unavoidable milestones in the evolution of the genre itself, along the path that leads from the Genesis of the Gabriel era to the present day: Kayleigh, Lavender, Childhood’s End, White Russian, Incommunicado, The Last Straw are proposed, among others, to musically frame those years that gave great emotions to MARILLION fans, but not only, all over the world.

– Jean Marie Guieu | Lead Vocals
– Ruggero Frasson | Keyboards
– Andrea Zenone | Bass
– Luca LK Giordano | Drums
– Silvio Masanotti | Guitar


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