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She's A Rebel


She’s A Rebel is a tribute to all those wonderful female vocalists from the 80’s till 00’s who dedicated their lives to popmusic!

Some innovative, others traditional, but they all have one thing in common: we all know them, we can all sing along word by word, we danced, partied, drooled en cried with their hits.
Their timeless music is still very much alive and guarantees a wonderful celebration of recognition. It is just not possible to sit still and be quiet!

In this theater concert three vocal powerwomen – Jackey Jonkers, Esther Hart and Monique van der Ster – take you on a musical journey in which they share their own story and their love for their heroines by performing all those songs we all love so much.

They cooperate with a fantastic live-band of which the bandmembers have largely earned their marks in the Dutch popscene.

Edwin Beekmans – keyboard
Age Kat – guitar
Marco Dirne – bass
Eelco de Boer – drums

‘She’s a rebel’ is an immersive vocal show with recognizable female popsongs: from Aretha Franklin to Karen Carpenter, from The Pointer Sisters to Adèle, from Tina Turner to Dolly Parton, from Blondie to Donna Summer.


She’s A Rebel can be booked exclusively at PDH Bookings & Agency