Somewhere on Stage


In the fall of 2002 three musicians decide to meet a new challenge. The demand for “own work” declines but there is a new market emerging: tributebands. It is not a difficult question for the musicians who they will honor: the biggest British Metal legend of all times: Iron Maiden. Within a short time two guitarists are found and the band focusses on a representative setlist with Maiden classics.

Towards the end of 2003 the band performs for the first time on stages in Utrecht and Amsterdam and both shows are not without consequences. Programmers of big pop podia and festivals see what the band is capable of. With the help of a bookings agency the band soon has an overloaded agenda, halls are sold out and the fans enjoy the musical perfection that Somewhere on Stage pursues. The band performs on several fanclubdays, and on festivals in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany they are launched as opening or afterparty act of big names as Vengeance (NL), Hysterica (S) and ex-Accept vocalist UDO (D). In 2010 the band even crosses the North Sea for a tour in the UK.

Nowadays the shows are, after several years of experience, musically better than ever before and every stage is suitable to let the band perform. For special events the band is also capable of integral performance of classic albums like The Number Of The Beast or Live After Death. The musicians have the appearance of a real rockband accompanied by an energetic frontman that transforms every hall to a swirling crowd.

A large videoscreen with Iron Maiden video’s makes nostalgic emotions from the 80’s return. With visual effects and (where possible) firework, smoke, flames, fountains, a striptease act of Charlotte the Harlot and a three meter high Eddie Mascotte that moves about the stage the band is ready to conquer even more hearts of Iron Maiden fans.