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The 40 Watt Band

The 40 Watt Band are your men!

In 2011 the unique 31-year journey of R.E.M. came to an end. The musical legacy the iconic band left behind was huge. From the raw college rock of the early days, to the world renowned classics at the band’s peak: all these songs are brought back to life by The 40 Watt Band.
Consisting of dedicated musicians from Belgian alternative bands such as Cmon Cmon, Mercelis and Very Camel, The 40 Watt Band catches R.E.M.’s sound and vibe with great accuracy. Adding the voice of singer Bert Leijssen, which bears much resemblance to Michael Stipe’s, makes this band a must-see tribute act.

Bert Leijssen (Very Camel) – vocals
Tijl cuppens (Be Nice To The Bus Driver) – guitars, mandoline, vocals
Bart Noten (Be Nice To The Bus Driver) – guitars, melodica, vocals
Tijl de Ridder (Mercelis, Nieuwstadt) – bass
Michel Becx (The Smiths Presumably, Cmon Cmon) – drums

The 40 Watt Band: A tribute to R.E.M.

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