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The Alquin Project


The Alquin Project is a projectband with musicians who came together by their shared love for a classic album from the Dutch music history, namely the album “Nobody can wait forever” from Alquin.

This album was released in 1975 and even then it appeared to be a remarkable modern album with complex, melodic and particularly striking music parts which were very popular in the alternative and rock scenes of the youth at that time and still is.

The idea to perform this album integral already existed for a while and in 2021 a group of musicians gathered together to realise this project. The enthusiasm to perform this in detail was quickly transferred to the rest of the club and this is how The Alquin Project originated. We all threw ourselves in every detail of this music and as a result a nearly perfect set emerged that is able to perform all songs with meticulous precision.

People who know this album will imagine themselves back in the 70’s as soon as they hear the imposing intro with the original Hammondsound, the screeching guitar and the world-weary voice of the singer in songs as ‘Wheelchair Groupie’ and ‘Farewell Miss Barcelona’.

The Alquin Project

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