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Piece of Pie

Get acquainted with the incredible story of 4 boys from Liverpool, that started 60 years ago.

BeatleStory causes a real revival of the Beatlemania with classics as Can’t Buy Me Love, Yesterday, She Loves You, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Here Comes The Sun, Let It Be, Yellow Submarine, Hey Jude … and much more! The songs of The Beatles don’t need introduction, they have become part of our collective music memory.
The musical merits of The Beatles are legendary. Their songs dominated the hitlists worldwide. During a career of barely 10 years The Beatles became, while started as one of many beatbands in England, thé largest band in the word.
Sixty years later the band of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison en Ringo Starr still is one of the most influential bands in the history of popmusic. Their popularity is once again proven by the movie “Yesterday” (2019).
The unsurpassed tributeband BeatleStory honors the legendary The Beatles and takes the public back to the top days of the band. Authenticity is the trademark of BeatleStory: they sound identical to The Beatles and also look exactly the same as the Fab Four.

“BeatleStory 60 Years” keeps the audience fully fascinated during the evening thanks to the pureness of Patrizio Angeletti, Roberto Angelelli, Teodosio Gentile and Armando Croce. Impressive visual projections provide the perfect ambiance. An unforgettable experience for the true Beatles fan!

BeatleStory can be booked at PDH Bookings & Agency