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The Grades

Do you still remember this one?!

The Grades 70’s Show is one big festival of recognition. With songs with a guaranteed high sing-along and swing degree. And sometimes undoubtedly a moment of slight hesitation.. “hmm, I know that song… but what was the tune and whose is it…?” and a few seconds later you remember it again: “yes, of course, it’s THAT song, awesome”.
The musicians of The Grades 70’s Show grew up with the seventies music.
They wore down pick-up needle after pick-up needle and changed cassette tapes faster then the tyres of a Formula 1 driver.

The fivesome are already active for a long time in the music scene (f.i. The Koffers, Marathon men, Bouke’s Elvis band, The LSB Experience, The Strawberry Beats).

With the The Grades’ 70 show they go back in time, like it is their very first band :). The repertoire was achieved from the thought of making it a musical playground. “Which songs do we want to play and by which we can turn the place upside down”.
The locks opened and resulted in a setlist that was appealing for a large public, with songs of a.o. Cheap Trick, 10cc, Status Quo, Alice Cooper, Tom Petty, Wings and many more.
Lava lamps on, nets against the ceiling, recordplayers ready. An evening back to the seventies with The Grades 70’s Show. Do you still remember this one?!

The Grades
Sjoerd van den Broek: Vocals and guitar
Jan Niewold: Guitar and vocals
Rob Hendriks: Bass and vocals
Peter Deiman: Drums and vocals
Andy Nijmijer: Keyboards

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