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The Music of Genesis

Dedicated Musicians Replicating This Legendary Music!

It’s 2009, Hannover, Germany. Elmar Ferner, Jochen Pietsch, Niklas Turmann, Michael Schugardt and Momme Boe were students at Hannover’s renowned University of Music, Drama and Media.
As part of their graduation, they played two concerts featuring the music of Genesis and Phil Collins. They called the band ‘The Farm’ named after the recording studio in Surrey, UK, that Genesis had built.
The concerts sold out immediately, were very well received and for posterity, filmed and posted to YouTube.
To their surprise, there was an overwhelming response from Genesis and Phil Collins fans all over the world, mostly commenting on how much like the original band they sounded and asking when they might go on tour?! High praise indeed and surely a potential opportunity…
However, this response had not, nor could have been anticipated. Everyone already had plans for the future. Whilst it was a fantastic end to their student days, the farm gates shut almost as quickly as they had opened.

It would be well over a decade before they would get back together again…

In early 2019, a producer with a deep passion for and knowledge of the original band, had been looking to put together the ultimate Genesis tribute for many years. Nothing came close in the marketplace.
By chance, he came across the farm concerts on YouTube and was immediately impressed. The essence of what was needed was undoubtedly there.
Wasting no time, over a series of phone calls and zoom meetings he convinced the musicians to reconvene to see if the magic and chemistry remained. In 2020 that’s exactly what happened and it certainly did.
“It feels like being on a school trip with old friends. It’s as if we had our last rehearsals yesterday, not 11 years ago!” says lead vocalist Elmar Ferner.

Thereafter everyone agreed to commit to producing the very best concert experience possible, which is what the music of Genesis is all about. For the inaugural tour, starting in september 2024, the band will perform “the best from 1976 to 1980”.
The shows will feature songs that haven’t been played live for many years, from the albums ‘a trick of the tail’ / ‘wind & wuthering’ / ‘and then there were three’ and ‘duke’.
We very much look forward to seeing you at one of our concerts!

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