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The New Fools


While Bob since the 90’s keeps himself busy with his “never ending tour”, The New Fools also enter the theaters with a mainly sitting audience, just like the master himself! Over more than a decade they pay tribute to this living legend and they tour in Belgium and abroad as festival- and clubact. Time for a theatershow!
The New Fools started in the 80’s as Big Dick & The Bluesy Twins and threw themselves on a blues, rock, folk and soul repertoire.
Their great passion for Bob Dylan led them to focus their repertoire more and more on this brand new winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Dylan, who has been on the road since the early 90’s with his “never ending tour”, over the last few years chooses to perform in halls with a sitting audience. Following in Bob’s footsteps The New Fools now have their own theaterproduction in which they pay a unique tribute to Bob Dylan in sound and vision.
The songs, from which some are more known then others, are performed in own arrangements which however don’t deny the original. The mix of songs, as well in genre, pace, volume, style and instrumental line-up, supported by beautiful footage and interrupted by short stories, facts and own anecdotes, ensures that the performance is accessible for everyone!

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