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Tiffany Kills

Experience, energy, fun and a top show… that’s TIFFANY KILLS!

The six members have earned their marks in the world of Rock’n’Roll. Combined they performed on dozens of records, travelled around the world and now they decided to bundle their experience with only one goal in mind: an enjoyable classic heavy rock show.

TIFFAY KILLS is lead by John Jaycee Cuijpers, one of the strongest singers and frontman of the Netherlands, maybe even in Europe. He plays or played with Praying Mantis, AYREON, Cooper Inc. and many many more.
Mathias Dieth was one of the musical brains behind Udo Dirkschneiders solo career U.D.O. in the nineties, and is considered as one of the best German metal guitarists until now.
Christian Tolle has his C.T.P. project and works with a lot of artists all over the world, such as Steve Lukather, John Parr, David Reece, Doug Aldrich, to name a few. He also wrote for Vengeance, Bangalore Choire, Reece of Tango Down. Christian’s new record has just been released in july and also contains John, Mathias and Mendy. Tom Baer the Wizzard on bass, also performing in Peter Freiberg & Band.
Add the energetic groovemeister Tom Wetzels on drums and the female vocals of Mendy Sneijers and the band is complete.
The set contains songs of everyones catalog – and there are so many to choose from. A few classics may be added. Make no mistake: TIFFANY KILLS supplies an energetic show and blows you away.


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